Real stories

You are not alone. Lots of problem gamblers and their loved ones have shared their experiences with us in the stories below. It’s important to know that many of these stories are raw and painful, but they represent a true picture of how people feel at the various stages of their journey to recovery. Since they first came to our site, many of these people have received assistance from Gambling Help services.

By Stephen
Hi it’s Stephen again so I’ve been placing a few controlled bets with Somone else putting the bets on for me and I felt really good still being able to have a bet but not... Read More...>
By Maryanne
Hi, I have enjoyed reading everyone’s stories so far. I can relate to each and every one. My story is that I started playing the pokies when I was barely legally old enough to do... Read More...>
By Stephen
Hi it’s Stephen hope everyone’s well it’s been a week since I’ve gambled and I feel each day I’m gaining more control the urges are still there more than ever but I’m fighting as hard... Read More...>
By Stephen
Hi it’s Stephen again I had my first face to face counselling and as soon as I got out I wanted to gamble so I had a few bets and spent 50 bucks and it... Read More...>
By Stephen
Hi it’s Stephen again it’s been since last Thursday since I slipped up which I’m still annoyed at but I’m finding this is so difficult but I’m determined to beat this evil I’m gonna do... Read More...>
By Bryce
Hi my story starts when I turned 18 and legally aloud to gamble, I started off like most people small $5 bets on the Dogs and Horses and was really good at winning or just... Read More...>
By Stephen
Hi my names Stephen I’m 25 I’ve been gambling for 7 years I started gambling at 18 with small bets on the pokies like 5 dollars now and then and as I’ve got older and... Read More...>
By Victor
Hello everybody! My name is Victor, I played the lottery for 4 years and never missed any circulation of four lotteries. Whenever buying 1 ticket for each draw, and always hoping to hit the jackpot!... Read More...>
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