Real stories

You are not alone. Lots of problem gamblers and their loved ones have shared their experiences with us in the stories below. It’s important to know that many of these stories are raw and painful, but they represent a true picture of how people feel at the various stages of their journey to recovery. Since they first came to our site, many of these people have received assistance from Gambling Help services.

My story starts with TAB when I was young. It was a lot of fun with mates, betting on horses, not knowing what I was doing, winning and losing. Then I noticed amongst my mates,... Read More...>
I understand the plight here. But what if you like playing the pokies etc? I am a very shy person. I go to my local club to spend very little money. Have some beers and... Read More...>
I remember the first time I ever gambled I was 18 years old.
Sitting here reading all of the stories you brave people are sharing yet again and felt I should also join in. I have found myself in a state of rock bottom once again. This is... Read More...>
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