Share your story

Whether you are a problem gambler, a recovering problem gambler or a family member or friend of someone affected, your story is important and could help someone else.

When you submit your story, our Counsellor Sam will respond with ideas, support and suggestions. Your post and the response will appear both on this page and on our Facebook page. Counsellor Sam will also reply to you directly, unless you tick the box below asking for no contact.

Remember, we have counsellors online and by phone who are available to talk to you right now. They have a wealth of experience and have helped many people like you in the past. There is no situation that you can’t recover from in time.

To write your story, type it into the space below.

To record and upload a video story, upload it to YouTube then provide us with the link below. Remember to set the privacy on YouTube to ‘Public’ so we can all see it.

To record and upload an audio story, upload it to SoundCloud then provide us with the link below.

If you’d like to protect your identity, you may choose to use images of things that are important to you – perhaps things you have lost and would like to regain – instead of your face.

  • Accepted file types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png.