it’s always hard to hear the criticism from the ones that surround you esp (family/friends) when you have a problem, but when you’re in the moment playing and winning big you crave the attention the jealousy/envy from other players when you are up and winning. but like myself when i put in a $100 into the pokies and turned it into $3,200 it was awesome but my greed got the better of me over time and became a leech on me and so 45mins later my machine makes that doonk! sound to let me know that she’s won and i’ve lost it all! just to throw salt into my mental wound, its hard not to feel ashamed and disgusted but the hardest or most difficult thing is to let go of what could’ve been…..ya know? But right now Im taking things one day at a time and staying busy to keep my mind off of gambling….Good luck to you all and god bless

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