Hi everyone 🙂
My name is Stacey and I started gambling when I was 17 years old (yes, I was never asked for I.D) and now I’m 26 this Sunday. I gambled my $400 I was earning every week as soon as I got paid (while I was studying at Uni). Now I’m in my dream career which I completed my Masters degree and I’m earning more than quadruple my money. I’m now spending more than ever!

When I was 17, I started off putting in $5 and almost having a heart attack when I lost it. Now I’m spending $2000- $7000 in a night and basically feeling emotionless when I lose it. My partner enjoys a good gamble with me too and we go to the casino for entertainment and to waste time. The casino used to be my happy place to go to – I enjoyed the smell, the atmosphere and the free things I got (which I really paid for overtime) as I have moved up the tiers.

Thinking that I was enough of a gambler, I started watching a streamer who’d gamble large amounts on online gambling websites and winning HUGE money. So of course, being the degenerate gambler that I am, I opened an online account on the gambling website and started gambling $3 then $6 then $15 hits on the pokies… When I’d first log on, I’d win $1000-$2000 within the first 10 minutes and any gambler would hope to win more, so of course I didn’t pull out. I thought to myself, if I could win that much in 10 minutes, imagine the pay it’s going to give me in the next 10 minutes. But then of course, the money went down to $0 each and every time. When you’re in that trance, it’s hard to get out of the winning mindset. A week after signing up, I had won $7000 and I withdrew the money and then put it all back in, in hopes I’d win more and more. This is the vicious cycle of gambling I suppose. When will you ever be satisfied?

Now I’m watching everyone around me get brand new cars, building houses, having babies, getting married and here I am gambling my life away and sending myself into more financial hardship. My car loan should have been paid off years ago, but here I am gambling every cent I have in hopes to get a big win.

BUT tonight I have made the decision and contacted the online gambling website to permanently close down my account with no hopes of my re-opening it again. I have realised that I will NEVER be on top and now I have to push through and get my life sorted in hopes of achieving my life plan.

You can ALL do it too! x

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