Hi everyone

I hope that you are having a good day today.
I have read some of your stories and feel encouraged.
I wish to share mine.
I have gambled for 7 years and have lost not just money but good jobs, relationships and even my reputation. I have did every thing to get money for gambling especially after losing its a desperate rush. I want to stop all together. Gambling and heavy drinking is consumming my life. I lost about 200000 therebabouts, my home, my car. Its awful to live this and feels like hell. I even started picking arguments with people after losing my money. I get into a complete rage. My poor husband has had to leave me many times because i would argue with him when i got home.

But now i cannot live like this anymore. I want to change my life and become at peace with myself. The only way is to stop and i am determined to.

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