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In Australia 3-4% of teenagers have problems with gambling. That’s one in every high school class of 25 students.

The reality today is any student with a smartphone has access to both Australian and international online casinos and gambling products 24/7. A student could be quietly gambling away their savings, and even get into dangerous levels of debt, without exhibiting any obvious outward signs.

Increasing levels of promotion means the situation is likely to worsen unless we actively work together to help young minds be prepared for what used to consider an adults-only activity. We’ve created a collection of free resources for download and use in your classroom and to help you identify a student with a gambling problem:

Download Youth social media resources
Download One more punt… (A3 poster)
Download None of my friends have a gambling problem (A3 poster)
Download Think you can spot a student with a gambling problem (brochure)


What do teens think about gambling?

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