Guide for family and friends

If you know or suspect that your partner, family member or close friend has a gambling problem, this brochure will give you practical advice on how to help yourself and your loved one. We understand your needs may seem secondary to the person in the family who has a gambling problem. But we also understand that the distress experienced by those who love and care for the problem gambler, can be profound. You also deserve attention and support to help you cope with the situation.

The brochure falls into two parts — helping yourself, and helping the problem gambler in your life. Helping yourself also means helping other vulnerable people close to you, such as children. It includes practical help on things such as protecting and sorting out your finances and obtaining legal advice. It also shows how you can protect yourself emotionally and provides some ideas for accessing free help services and support. 

Finally, it helps you answer all those questions that you have about problem gambling and why some people are affected. The second part is about how you can assist the problem gambler to get help and get their life back.

Download ‘Problem Gambling: A Guide for Family and Friends’