Warruwi Gambling Help


Warruwi Gambling Help


Is Gambling becoming a problem?

If gambling is creating problems for you, your family, your community and your culture, the Warruwi Gambling Help program can help.

We’re holding a range of events and workshops for Aboriginal communities throughout New South Wales.

Workshops with interested community members, elders, and local service providers are developing grass roots strategies and practical initiatives which combat problem gambling at a local level.

What is Warruwi Gambling Help’s role?

  • To raise community awareness about gambling, related issues and local interventions for Aboriginal people
  • To provide information on local gambling related issues and how they can be addressed, including seeking professional assistance from local gambling help services
  • To provide information to gambling services on how to work more effectively with Aboriginal people in their local community and facilitate help-seeking
  • To provide opportunities for Aboriginal Community members & service providers to talk about gambling issues and the impact on family etc.

For more information refer to the project overview: Warruwi Gambling Help Project Overview Nov 2016.pdf

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Stephen’s Story


Stephen Hagan was a young and ambitious diplomat who battled a gambling addiction while he travelled the world. But he reached a point where he just couldn’t lie anymore. He went cold turkey and now doesn’t even buy raffle tickets.

“I really worry about this high level of denial that’s in our community and it’s really ruining our families, our people. Gambling addiction is a conversation we have to have.”


Bernie’s Story


Bernie Hazel used gambling to shut out her problems. When she hit rock bottom she approached strangers for money, missed out on buying food for her six kids, and failed to pay the rent. She even sold her car to chase her losses. But she wanted a better life. With the help of a counsellor she’s overcome her gambling problem and gets to spend quality time with her family and grandchildren.

“I knew I was doing wrong but I used to push it down, deep down, brush it off. And then I had a nervous breakdown cos of the guilt and shame I was carrying from gambling.”


Thomas’s Story


Gambling took over Thomas Toomey’s life. When gambling debts forced him to sell a block of land that was meant to be his inheritance, he fell into depression. With the help of his wife and kids he’s managed to get his life back on track.

“I used to just lay in bed. I just couldn’t get up. I didn’t want to get up. I couldn’t face people with what I’d done… I’m not going back there. I regret it 100 per cent.”


Roy’s Story


Roy Ah-See spent years of his life gambling. He even gambled the money he’d saved to take his family on an overseas trip. He felt guilt and shame. With counselling support he’s managed to stop gambling.

“What little bit of self esteem that you got, [gambling] takes it away …. The longer I stay away from that punt the better the days are.”

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