YouTube Gambling Ads

It seems gambling is everywhere – online, all over sports telecasts, in movies and wherever you go on the web. If you have just reached the age where you are able to legally gamble – or you will in a year or two – it’s important to separate the marketing hype from the truth, so when you make decisions about whether to gamble, you make smart choices.

We’ve collected a few gambling ads and promotions that you might see on TV or social media. Watch the videos and then consider the questions below each one – you might find that if you watch the promotion a second time, you see it from an entirely new angle!

How do TV commercials and promotional content on social media shape your perceptions about gambling?


Things to consider when watching this ad:
  • How do the warm tones of the video colour palette and the music make you feel?
  • Does the dance look like something you might do with your mates?
  • What is the purpose of the women in the video?
  • Who do these blokes look like? Are they famous, perfect, or more like an ‘everyday’ sort of guy? And why?
Would you say that these some of the underlying messages of the ad?
  • Gambling is always a happy experience
  • The bond of friendship is a good reason to keep gambling



Things to consider when watching this ad:
  • What happens when the video explains different kinds of betting ‘personas’? Are you tempted to match yourself to one?
  • What are the words that you remember from this video? Do you think they make sense in the context of having a bet on sport?
  • Do you think that most people gamble with their friends, or gamble alone?
Would you say that these some of the underlying messages of the ad?
  • Gambling is a team sport
  • Gambling is something that men do together, as friends and as a team
  • Betting is a habitual part of life and so normal that each person has their own unique ‘style’



Things to consider when watching this ad:
  • When you saw the opening of the video, where did you think it was going to go?
  • The video shows the man losing in the beginning and then winning by using calculation and skill. This sudden breakthrough makes him unbeatable. What do you think of this?
Would you say that these some of the underlying messages of the ad?
  • Gambling by yourself is still glamorous
  • Money spent on gambling is considered an ‘investment’
  • Gambling is a high end, luxury experience on par with expensive clothes, expensive liquor and cigars and fine furniture



Possible messages:
  • It’s better to bet in the moment
  • It’s not enough just to bet on the game, the adrenalin rush really comes when you bet every step of the way
  • The options for in-play betting are huge – you can take your pick
Questions to ask:
  • Why has this ad used Ray Winstone?
  • How do you feel about information when it’s presented by a celebrity or someone you respect?
  • How much FOMO is going on here? (Fear of missing out?) Is there an implication in the ad that there’s a party going on and if you’re not a part of it, you might be the only one missing out?

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